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In this course, the topics have been carefully selected to have the greatest impact, and get you to the next stage in your music production journey as quickly as possible. 

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The FL Studio Masterclass is only $37

  • Lesson 1: Synths
  • Lesson 2: Effects
  • Lesson 3: EQ
  • Lesson 4: Side-chaining
  • Lesson 5: Compression
  • Lesson 6: Layering
  • Lesson 7: Automations
  • Lesson 8: Mixing
  • Lesson 9: Vocals
  • ​Lesson 10: Mastering

Free Bonuses Included

  • Mini-Course: Tension & Release - Adding Energy                to Your Tracks
  • Project Template: Color coded, with channels
              pre-named, grouped, and organized for quick &                  efficient producing
  • Midi Files: Midi and project files you can drop into              your songs and start producing right away
  • Presets: Dozens of presets for 3XOSC and Sytrus.

What our students are saying

Chris P.
United Kingdom

"This course is great, whether if you're a beginner or a pro needing a refresher, this course can help you in many ways! I went on to this course with advanced knowledge of Fruity Loops and I am walking away with even more knowledge. Do not pass by this opportunity!"

Mark S.

"Great detailed information to give producers a head start! Informative, easy to grasp, fully featured."

Jameson M.
United States

"This course changed the way I produce music. The instructor was so f***ing good! The tips and tricks I learned from this course has given me so much inspiration. I can't wait to put my new knowledge to work. Thank you so much!"

Jhie S.

"First of all, I was so thankful that I was able to take this course. As a beginner, I have learned a lot and would like to recommend it to everyone to become more efficient beat producer."

My Story

My name is Adam Charles. My music production journey began in 2011 after attending an EDM festival. Although I had dabbled in music production years earlier, I didn't get serious abut it until that year.

Right away I purchased FL Studio and began spending every spare minute I could find working on my new passion. With every step I took, I became more and more excited, and began looking for more techniques, skills, and information about how to progress further.

Gradually I found more websites, videos and tutorials that helped my skills improve, but it wasn't easy. Sometimes I came across information that was less than accurate, and without a mentor, I absorbed that information as truth.

But I continued to put in the practice, and my skills improved over time. After a few years, my hard work and consistency paid off, and I was able to get my first record deal. I signed my first track with a small label in Australia, and eventually signed other tracks with them as well.

In 2016 I released an EP called A New Beginning. The EP had 5 tracks and ended up being a huge success which landed at #3 on the Electro House charts, #15 on the Electronica charts, and #85 overall release.

I kept working on my craft and releasing music. In 2019 my track So Beautiful hit the Beatport Electro House charts at #3 again.

I continue to work on and release music, although these days I focus more on releasing music for streaming platforms like Spotify, rather than purchase sites like Beatport.

I have also shifted much of my focus to giving back to the music production community and helping other producers succeed and break through in their music production journeys. This course brings together many of the lessons, techniques, and best practices I have learned over the years. I truly hope this will help you leap ahead in your production skills!

My 10x Guarantee to You

Yes, I 100% guarantee that you will love this Masterclass

I am committed to delivering as much value as possible!
If, after one week, you feel like you haven't gotten at least 10X the value of your investment ($370 in music production content, ideas and instructions) I will happily refund your investment in full.
Email me before the end of one week from the date and time of your purchase for a full refund.
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